‘No reason to give up’: Oregon governor signs bills to keep school closed


– The governor of Oregon signed two bills Friday that will keep Oregon school districts from using taxpayer dollars to close schools and make them open on school holidays.

The legislation also provides a mechanism for the state’s courts to order schools to stay open during the week.

The governor’s signature comes a day after lawmakers approved bills that would limit the use of public funds to close elementary and secondary schools.

Oregon’s Department of Education said in a statement that the governor’s action was a “step in the right direction.”

The bill will ensure that schools can remain open throughout the school year and help schools comply with Oregon’s statutory obligations to provide free, quality education, the department said.

The two bills are intended to prevent districts from cutting classes, limiting instructional time and using taxpayer funds to make classrooms unusable.

The bills also prohibit the use by the state courts of state funds for school closings.

“We are making a real commitment to our kids, and this is a huge step in that direction,” said Democratic Gov.

Kate Brown.

“We want to protect public education and protect the students.”

The bills were signed into law by Brown on Friday.

Brown has made public education a top priority in her first term.

She has also made a push to make public schools more accessible to students and parents.

In addition to the bills, Brown signed a bill that would extend funding for public charter schools to a year.

The new school year will begin with the Oregon Public Schools (OPSB) charter school launch on Jan. 3.

The new charter schools would open on Sept. 1 and run for at least 10 years.

The bill also extends a $2 million grant to Oregon Public Radio, which was set to be cut by $1.4 million.

The grant is set to expire on Sept 30.

In a statement, Brown thanked the community for their support during this difficult time.

The OPRB’s current funding of $3.6 million is set for a $1 million reduction and the grant for the next school year of $2.6 to be used for an ongoing pilot program to improve access to education for students with disabilities.

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