When will Italy lose?

Rome – A year ago this month, Italy lost to a team from the Netherlands, but the Italians have been back to their winning ways since.

They beat Spain 2-0 in a friendly and won the European Championship with a 2-1 win over England.

They have also reached the World Cup finals and are currently preparing for the World Championships in Japan.

In the past two years, the Italian teams have won four European Championships and three Copa Libertadores, while Spain won three Copas del Rey, three European Cups and three European Championships.

There is also a good chance that the Italians could be crowned champions of the Champions League, with a draw between two teams on Tuesday.

The team that was beaten 2-2 was led by the team that beat Italy 2-3 on penalties in the World Champions Cup, with the winner winning the trophy on penalties.

At this point, the focus is on Italy’s group games against Switzerland and Portugal.

The Italians face the reigning European champions on March 28, but they will also face Spain in the final, where they will face a team that they have not beaten since the second World Cup.

Italy also have to face Bosnia and Herzegovina, which is coming off a World Cup win in South Africa.

Bosnia and is coming back from a 5-0 defeat in the last World Cup, and is undefeated in five matches.

Bosnia will be without its captain, goalkeeper, and three other key players, as well as goalkeeper Marc Bartra, who was injured during the World Championship.

Bosnia is also without captain Giuseppe Rossi, who has been sidelined since a match against France in the quarterfinals.

Rossi is the only player missing for the Italians, as he will be out of action for a month, while Bartra and Rossi are also in the squad.

The rest of the players are also sidelined.

The Italian team will have to work very hard to get through to the group stage, and their hopes of a first-round exit are slim.

Italy’s next group game is against Bosnia and in the first leg, the Italians face Brazil.

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