A-Rod, A-Man and the ‘Naked News’

By David J. Phillip and Jason RantzPublished July 08, 2018 10:31:10With the advent of social media, a new generation of athletes and media personalities have been able to engage with their audiences in ways that have been unprecedented.

This week, a group of athletes, celebrities and media figures took to Twitter to talk about their favorite nude photos of Donald Trump.

The group included members of the Nasty Boys, who were featured in a Vanity Fair story in 2017 about the Trump campaign.

The article explored how Trump would have reacted to being a nude photo of him and other celebrities.

The Nasty Boy crew shared their favorites of the Trump nude photos.

As part of the article, the Nastys shared some of the most NSFW photos they’d ever taken of Trump.

They included photos of Trump holding a large “Make America Great Again” hat and holding a cigar, which Trump later told Vanity Fair was his favorite cigar.

The photos were captured by photographer Tim O’Brien, who used a digital camera to capture the “naked” Trump.

It is not known whether Trump was aware that O’Briens “Naked & Famous” cover photo featured a photo of his then-wife Marla Maples.

In the photo, Trump is holding a glass of water, and Maples is looking out the window of her limousine.

Trump has defended the use of his own likeness in his nude photos, and called O’Donnell a “total phony.”

He has also suggested that the N&M photos are fake.

Trump’s response to the Naughty Boys tweet has been to call the photos “hilarious.”

The president-elect has also tweeted photos of himself with the Nasts and other members of his family, including his son Barron.

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