What you need to know about Tampa’s homeless crisis

Homelessness in Tampa has become a national epidemic, with an estimated 1,200 homeless people in the city and a state of over 4,000 homeless people.

As the Tampa Bay Times reports, “It’s an epidemic, a problem.”

The homeless crisis in Tampa is being blamed on the city’s high cost of living, and is causing some people to leave their homes.

Homelessness is a major problem in Tampa, as it is in many cities nationwide.

In fact, a recent poll by the Tampa Tribune found that 78 percent of Tampa residents feel the city is not safe to be homeless.

But Tampa’s situation is not unique.

As part of its Homeless Week program, the Tampa Homeless Assistance Coalition is working with community organizations and organizations that offer housing and support services to the homeless.

It also offers programs to help people transition to other forms of housing and to find employment, according to the TBBTC.

“Our goal is to address the challenges that the homeless face as a result of the cost of housing, including homelessness, and to ensure the long-term sustainability of the homeless population,” said TBBCT president and CEO Karen Williams.

The city of Tampa has been dealing with the homeless crisis for some time, and it was brought on by a number of factors, according, The Tampa Tribune.

“We need to be really conscious about how we’re managing our budget to keep the homeless in our community, and the cost to do that is we don’t have enough affordable housing,” said Councilman Tom LeVine.

“It is a very complex issue, and there is no single solution.

We have to find a balance.”

The city also needs to be able to provide services to people with mental health issues.

According to the Tampa Police Department, the city spends $3.3 million per year on mental health services.

“That is a big cost to the city, and we need to take advantage of that,” said LeVie.

“When we talk about the cost, we need a way to manage it.

And if you don’t do that, you will not be able afford to have a good system.”

In addition, the homeless and their families are a major source of economic hardship in the community.

That�s what I want to see in the coming year, and I think that we have a really good opportunity to be a great city.””

As a community, we have to make sure that we get on top of the crisis, and that we don�t allow it to get out of hand.

That�s what I want to see in the coming year, and I think that we have a really good opportunity to be a great city.”

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