‘We’re still trying to figure out what happened’: Seahawks’ J.J. Watt speaks out about ‘significant’ concussion symptoms

A concussion can cause severe symptoms that include blurred vision, confusion, and fatigue.

But a concussion is a chronic condition that can impact people’s life for years after the injury.

That’s because the brain is not fully developed when a person hits the playing field.

Injuries to the brain cause symptoms such as blurred vision and cognitive impairment, according to the National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke (NINDS).

But there is no one standard to measure whether a concussion has impacted a player’s performance.

For example, a player with a concussion that occurred years ago may not be able to function correctly at the next game.

That may mean the NFLPA has not adequately communicated to the players what it means to be in a concussion.

It also means that the league has not properly identified concussions that are long-lasting, with lasting consequences.

“There are so many variables involved, it’s hard to know exactly what’s happening in the brain,” said former NFLPA executive director David Parry, who is now the head of medical services for the National Football League Players Association.

“It’s not just a concussion, it is a condition that has impacted the health and wellbeing of the player for the rest of their life.”

How long does a concussion last?

A concussion usually occurs within hours of a blow to the head.

Some players have had multiple concussions in the same game, and some may have suffered from chronic concussions.

Some symptoms may include dizziness, headaches, blurred vision or cognitive impairment.

But symptoms can be different for different players, and not all players have experienced a concussion at the same time.

Symptoms may also vary depending on the type of concussion.

For instance, a concussion in the air can be temporary, but it can also lead to persistent symptoms for a long time after the blow.

Symptoms that last for days or weeks include mild dizziness or fatigue, which may include a lack of concentration, difficulty concentrating, and headaches.

Other symptoms that may linger include memory loss, memory problems, anxiety, irritability, depression, anxiety disorders, and post-concussion syndrome (PMS).

There is no standard definition for how long a concussion lasts.

“We’re trying to establish a baseline that we can measure the effects of a concussion on performance,” Parry said.

A concussion that is long-term can cause significant cognitive and motor impairments that impair a player for years, he said.

Players who are severely concussed can require medical attention that may include neurosurgery and even brain surgery, but a concussion does not cause a person to lose their ability to perform a certain task.

For many years, the NFL has struggled to understand how to measure a concussion’s long-lived effects on players.

There is little standardized testing for the condition, and there is only one standard for determining whether a player has sustained a concussion: a neurological exam, which is a simple test that measures brain activity.

The exam can be done in two different ways.

The standard concussion exam includes a blood sample to measure the levels of brain chemicals, including acetylcholine, dopamine, and glutamate.

Another way to measure brain activity is with a brain magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) test.

MRI is a machine that uses a small beam of light to record electrical activity on a person’s brain and then sends that data to a computer for analysis.

MRI also measures blood flow in the blood vessels in the brains of the players, which can help to determine how long the brain has been affected.

A brain scan can also help determine if a player is suffering from chronic brain injury.

A neurosurgeon or neuropsychologist is often able to use MRI to identify areas of the brain that have been damaged or have been inflamed.

But the tests are not always available when a player returns from a game.

Parry says the NFL is not able to measure long- term effects of concussions because there are no standardized testing methods available.

“If we don’t know the long-time effects of chronic concussive injury, we can’t figure out how to diagnose or treat it,” he said, adding that the NFL must do a better job in communicating to the teams about the severity of the injury and how long it lasts.

How are concussions treated?

Concussions can be treated with medications and rest.

Some teams have instituted new policies to reduce the frequency of concussions and concussions at practice.

In 2017, the league introduced a new policy called “zero-tolerance,” which prohibits the use of helmets in games unless players have received a concussion evaluation.

“Our goal is to reduce concussions to zero, and we’re going to continue to work towards that goal,” Parrry said, noting that the number of concussed players has dropped from 1,400 in 2011 to less than 100 in 2017.

He also said the NFL will soon

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