When it comes to the most-used words in American English, here’s what you need to know

In the past few decades, the language that has become the lingua franca of America has changed a lot, as it has become a way to talk about and communicate.

We’ve changed how we talk about people and the world, and the ways in which we use words to do so.

It’s no longer just about what words we use.

We also need to understand how words are used to create meaning, and how we can use them to create a better understanding of the world around us.

Here’s a quick guide to the top 20 most used words in English.1.

The word “the” The most-read word in the United States The word the has gained prominence over the past decades.

It is often used as a synonym for “it,” “them,” “he,” or “his.”

In the same way that people use “he” to describe the person they’re talking about, people also use “them” to refer to the people or events they’re speaking about.

In this case, the word “them”—or “themselves”—is used to refer specifically to people and events.2.

The term “black” The word black has been used for a long time, and it has been seen as a negative word in many cultures.

In the United State, the term “African American” has become synonymous with “black.”

Black is a racial category, which is defined by the U.S. Census Bureau.3.

The phrase “bitch” The phrase bitch has been on the rise over the years, and now has the second most-cited word in American speech.

The meaning of this word can vary depending on the context, but it is generally used as an epithet.

The usage of this phrase can be as much about someone as it is about a specific person.

It can be used to express anger or disdain, and to suggest that someone is lacking in intelligence.

It has also been used to describe someone who is abusive or unloving.4.

The words “sister” and “uncle” Sister, aunt, cousin, and sister have also become popular words in the past several years.

They are used together as a shorthand for a specific individual, family, or community.

This can include the word sister or aunt.5.

The expression “sick” The expression sick, or sickly, has also seen an uptick over the last few years.

Sick, or unhealthy, is also a common phrase in the American lexicon, and has been around for centuries.

It describes something unhealthy, as well as a symptom of a health condition.

This is especially true for older adults, and older people are more likely to use the word sickly to describe their condition.6.

The adjective “loser” “losing” has also become a common adjective in American use.

It denotes something that someone else has gained.

In other words, someone else lost.

This term can also refer to someone who has lost something valuable to them, and can be seen as an indictment on someone else.7.

The verb “to” The verb to has also grown in popularity over the course of time, but in a way that has surprised many.

The first usage of the word to was in the 1600s.

In that time, the English language had many words that had a similar meaning, but with different meanings.

In fact, the verb to was the first word in English to gain an official meaning.8.

The noun “curse” The noun curse is also getting more common in American culture, especially among teenagers.

The English word curse, or curse is a noun, which means to curse.

It was coined by Shakespeare in the 16th century.9.

The abbreviation “HOF” This abbreviation was first used by a professional baseball player named Bill “Pete” Houser.

Housers name was a reference to the word he said when talking about the World Series: “I have had enough.”

In this way, the abbreviation HOF is a nod to the history of the game of baseball.10.

The epithet “trash” Trash is another one of those words that has been in the news recently.

It often appears in pop culture, and is often a derogatory term for someone who does not fit into the social and cultural norms.11.

The suffix “-d” or “doughnut” This suffix was created in the 1970s, and its meaning has been widely interpreted.

The concept of a “dolly” has come to mean a woman who was fat.

A “ditty” is a reference that someone does not share the same gender identity.12.

The “Hollywood Code” The “code” was created by the late filmmaker John Hughes, and became the most widely used code of code-breaking.

It requires that a computer program must be written to identify the “code words,” which are computer-generated phrases,

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