How to Help the LGBT Community in Portland, Oregon

Portland, OR— A group of gay men and lesbians are organizing an event in support of a man who was murdered after he allegedly raped a transgender woman at a Portland airport, in what is being described as an example of “an attempted murder.”

The event, which will take place on Sunday, August 14, is being billed as an “opportunity for LGBT men to show solidarity with a man and woman who have both been murdered.”

The Portland Police Department (PPPD) confirmed to Breitbart News that the event is being organized to show support for the late, transgender, homeless man, who is identified only as “Evan” and whose death sparked national outrage.

Evan was a transgender man who lived in Portland and was a part of the LGBT community, according to the Portland Police.

He was the subject of numerous hate crimes against the LGBT communities, according a statement from the LGBT activist group Trans Queer Youth Alliance (TQYA).

Evan’s family filed a wrongful death lawsuit against the Portland police on January 23, 2016, alleging that the police and the Portland Department of Transportation failed to protect him from being attacked by a group of homeless men in April of 2015.

The suit claims that the officers and Portland police officers failed to immediately intervene in the attack, and that the incident occurred because the homeless men did not know Evan.

Evan was beaten with a wooden chair, the suit states, and left for dead on the floor.

After months of litigation, the Portland PD released a statement last week saying that it had investigated the matter, and “has confirmed that no crime occurred.”

“At the time, we were unable to provide a satisfactory explanation for why the victim did not respond to the officers’ intervention, and as a result, the officers did not intervene and the victim was attacked,” the statement read.

The Portland Pride Association released a similar statement on January 25, 2016: “As a result of the death of Evan, the community has been led to believe that transgender men are less than human and that there are no safe spaces.

The Portland Pride Center is committed to providing an environment that is safe for all to feel safe and welcome in the city.

In light of this unfortunate event, the City of Portland will host a Pride Parade and Parade Walk in Portland on Sunday afternoon.”

The transgender man’s death was one of the first in Portland to be connected to the transgender movement in the late 2000s.

The Transgender Law Center (TLC), a legal advocacy group based in Seattle, Washington, said in a press release that Evan “was murdered after being repeatedly attacked by homeless men and the City’s response was to cover up the crimes and allow the men to continue harassing Evan.”

The TLC added: “Eduvans death serves as an important reminder of how the LGBTQ community can and must work together to fight for safety and justice for all.”

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