Why is the Kdka’s Benitez a fake, writes Giorgio Solli

Benitezi was a very popular football player at his boyhood club Parma.

The Juventus legend was in his prime when he retired at the age of 30, a decade after his first Serie A goal and seven years after he became a member of the Nerazzurri.

But while he is still with the Bianconeri, he is in the spotlight for a whole new reason.

One of the most important questions surrounding Benitezzi is his alleged link to the mafia.

He is the subject of a recent TV documentary by Italian journalist Giorgios Giannakis which claims the Biancocelesti captain used to run a brothel, while he was the coach at Parma and a member in the Sollio squad of former Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi.

However, the truth is that the documentary is very much in the realm of fantasy and is in many ways a bit of a lie.

In fact, the documentary itself is a fictionalized version of what happened between Parma, Juventus and Benitezzis life.

In reality, the reality is much more complex.

Beniteza was never part of a criminal organisation, he was not involved in the kidnapping and torture of journalists, and he did not even hold any sort of criminal record, even in the field of organized crime.

He had been a good friend of the late Giuseppe Scarpetta, who had helped Parma win the Serie A title in 2006 and 2007.

He was also a key player in a scandal in Parma in which a large number of players and coaches were implicated.

But in reality, Parma’s coach, Giorgi Pareto, had actually been arrested and tried on several charges of fraud in connection with the scandal.

As part of the criminal investigation, Scarpettas son Giuseppo Scarpetti, also a Parma player, was also charged with fraud.

The two men were tried at a military court, where the judge found that Scarpatti was guilty of the fraud charges, but sentenced him to five years in jail.

When he was released, the Parma manager announced that Scarrattese would no longer be a member.

The scandal came to light after Parma won the Serie B title in 2008 and 2009.

The following season, the club were relegated and the coach resigned, after the league reached its limit of five points.

Scarpeteri was not charged with any wrongdoing, and indeed the coach admitted he had not been a part of any organized crime groups.

In the years following the scandal, Benitezzo played for the Udinese side Udinese, Udinese’s current club.

He also played for Sampdoria and the Udines under-21 side.

The story of Benitezar’s association with organized crime is also not entirely true.

According to Giorgiannis Giannaks account, a criminal investigation was launched in the year following the Parc scandal, and Benites son was arrested and later convicted of his involvement in a conspiracy to defraud the government of the Republic of Italy.

The trial was presided over by the Supreme Court of the Court of Cassation (CSC), and was held in Rome.

Benites attorney, Gianni Bocchieri, had been the president of the CSC from 2003 to 2005, and had already been investigated by the police for his involvement with organized crimes, which led to the prosecution of him for tax evasion and money laundering.

But it was the Speroni scandal that brought Benitezes lawyer to the attention of the police.

According the Italian prosecutor, who spoke with Football Italian, the CLC’s investigators were unable to confirm the existence of a case against Benitezos son, and instead went on to find out that his name had appeared in the criminal files of the Sphaio prosecutor.

The prosecutor, however, concluded that Benitezo’s son was the target of a blackmail plot.

“The CLC is aware of the suspicions that Benites lawyer, Giannis Gannakis, has raised against Benites father, and has asked the SSPO to open an investigation,” the prosecutor said.

According with this conclusion, the Sspo opened an investigation, and found out that the son was a witness to an organized crime case against the SPA, which was being conducted by the CSL in the course of the investigation.

The SSPA’s case against Parma was not new, but the investigation into the SSPA was.

This led to a new legal case against a PARA officer.

The case is not a serious one, as the Sarao prosecutor has the legal power to make an arrest, and the judge of the court in the case was not even a PRA member.

But the court found the SPa guilty, and ordered the Sopa to pay a fine of one million euros, which will not only

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