Why Israel is still a superpower – but a lot less so

Posted November 07, 2019 06:08:10The Israel Defense Forces (IDF) are still the world’s most powerful military.

The military has more troops than the US, Canada and Britain combined.

Israel is the only country in the world to have an active combat force of at least 3,000 troops.

However, the IDF has faced significant criticism over the years.

In 2016, then-Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu called for the creation of an independent state in the occupied territories (OPT).

This was seen as a veiled threat to the Palestinian Authority (PA), which has governed the West Bank since 1967.

Israel and the Palestinians agreed to a ceasefire in November 2016, which lasted until the end of 2017.

Israel’s prime minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, has often been accused of using force and violence to achieve his ends.

However, in the past two years, there have been growing calls to create an independent Palestinian state in areas of Israel controlled by the Palestinians.

This is supported by a majority of Israeli voters.

On November 7, Israel and the Palestinian territories held their first summit on peace.

This followed the release of a UN report, which showed that Israeli settlement construction has led to significant displacement of Palestinians.

The two sides have not yet signed an agreement on a Palestinian state.

However they have agreed to work on a political settlement that would bring the two countries closer to the two-state solution.

Despite the current political climate, many Israelis still want peace and security.

The Israeli army is still the only military force in the country with an active fighting force of 3,500 troops.

The IDF has been in constant conflict with Palestinians since 1967 and its presence in the West, including east Jerusalem, has been a source of conflict for decades.

Despite being a highly armed and professional force, the Israeli military is less capable than the rest of the world.

A 2014 study by the Israeli-American think tank, the Jerusalem Institute for National Security Studies (IJNS), found that Israel’s military has a lower overall readiness to handle a crisis, as compared to other countries.

In addition, the IJNS said that Israel is less prepared to deal with a terrorist attack on its soil.

The IJES study also noted that the IDF is not equipped to deal effectively with the threat of a nuclear-armed Iran.

While Israel has always maintained its neutrality and neutrality in the Middle East, it has become increasingly concerned with the conflict with the Palestinian Liberation Organization (PLO).

Israel has repeatedly expressed its concern over the group’s alleged expansionism and its alleged involvement in terror attacks, including the kidnapping and murder of Israeli soldiers and civilians in Hebron and the killing of three Israeli teens in the Gaza Strip.

Israel has also expressed concerns about the PLO’s role in the rise of militant groups in Syria, Egypt, Libya, Iraq and elsewhere.

Israel also fears Iran’s destabilizing influence in the region, including through its alleged support of extremist groups in Iraq and Syria.

Israel’s relationship with the United States, which has traditionally been a key partner in Middle East peace efforts, is also a source in Israel’s concerns.

Israel is a strategic ally of the US and a close ally of its European allies, including Germany and France.

However the relationship has recently been strained, with the US pulling out of the Quartet process of negotiations to revive the stalled peace process between Israel and Palestine.

The US and the EU have repeatedly called on Israel to make concessions to the Palestinians, including opening its borders and giving up its settlement building in the OPT, as well as making concessions to its neighbours in the Arab world, notably Egypt, which is not part of the EU.

However Israel has consistently rejected these demands.

On November 7 Israel’s Foreign Ministry issued a statement saying that it “will not be cowed into accepting any compromise” and that “no concessions are acceptable to the enemy”.

This is the second time Israel has expressed its opposition to a Palestinian peace initiative.

In August 2018, then Prime Minister Ehud Olmert, who has led Israel since 2002, said he was “not a member of the international community” when he announced that Israel would seek a two-State solution to the conflict.

In December 2019, the US State Department also called on Olmerts decision to be reconsidered.

This is not the first time Israel and other major countries have voiced concerns about a peace deal.

In February 2018, a delegation from the United Nations’ Palestinian refugee agency, UNRWA, arrived in Israel for a peace conference in Tel Aviv.

Israel rejected the US delegation’s request to bring in the Palestinian delegation, saying it had no diplomatic credentials.

The Israeli delegation included representatives from the Arab League, the Organization for Islamic Cooperation (OIC), the European Union, Turkey and the United Arab Emirates.

The Arab League had initially called for a ceasefire, but the Palestinian sides said it should not be accepted.

After Israel’s delegation arrived in Telot, the OIC and the European Council

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