How to fix a $2.5 billion US oil spill

The world’s largest oil spill has sent a $5.2 billion US bill for the cleanup of the spill, but the US Coast Guard has issued a warning that it may take days or weeks for the spill to be cleaned up.

US Coast Guardsman John Gough said the spill is not expected to be completely cleaned up until mid-November.

The incident in northern California has killed at least 23 people and damaged at least 200 others.

The Coast Guard estimates it has recovered approximately 6,500 barrels of oil.

It was reported that the leak occurred off the coast of Bakersfield, California.

The oil spill, which happened about 200 kilometres west of San Diego, has been estimated to be about 1,000 barrels.

It has not yet been determined how much oil was spilled and the number of people affected by the spill.

The US Coast Protection Authority (CPPA) issued a statement on Friday, saying the oil was leaking out of a well and was not expected in time to clean up the spill as expected.

Mr Gough also said the Coast Guard will take a week to determine whether to order a tanker to pull out of the well to avoid damaging the pipeline, which is in a protected area.

Mr Trump was expected to travel to California on Saturday to attend the cleanup and was expected at a briefing with local officials and federal agencies.

The president also met with the mayors of Baja California and Sonoma counties.

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