US warns Russia not to retaliate over missile launch

US officials on Wednesday warned Russia not for a second to interfere in a US presidential election.

President Donald Trump’s campaign in the state of Florida last year was caught up in the probe into Russian interference in the presidential election by the FBI.

Russia denies meddling.

Trump, meanwhile, has sought to bolster his image as an outsider fighting for the working class, and has pushed to make the US more secure from cyberattacks.

US officials say the sanctions imposed on Russia were targeted against those officials, not individuals involved in the campaign.

They did not specify what sanctions were in effect, but the US has also imposed a ban on people with ties to Russia’s security services.

“There’s no question that the Russian government, through intermediaries, has used a range of tactics to interfere with the election, and we expect that it will continue to do so,” said Caitlin Hayden, a spokeswoman for the State Department.

She said the sanctions were “aimed at individuals and entities in Russia who have sought to undermine the integrity of our election process.”

Russia has denied meddling in the US election.

“These are baseless accusations,” Russian President Vladimir Putin said on Wednesday.

“They are baseless and have no basis in reality.”

Russia also accused the US of having “fabricated evidence” that it is behind the hacking.

Russia’s government has denied any involvement in the hacking and has repeatedly denied any role in the election interference.

Russia said it was seeking to hold US politicians accountable for their election meddling, but it also warned of repercussions for any action taken against Moscow’s military.

“The US government’s hostile actions towards Russia, aimed at weakening the country’s economy and the stability of the international order, are not limited to any single foreign country,” it said.

The White House has said the US does not consider the Russian military a threat, and that its missile and cyberattacks are focused on US infrastructure and financial sectors.

The US and Russia are currently negotiating a framework for a new US-Russia treaty.

US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said on Tuesday that Russia would face a “significant burden” of responsibility in the event of an attack on the US.

“I don’t believe the Russians will succeed in changing the outcome of this election.

It is just going to continue to be about Russia, and it will be a fight over the future of this country,” Pompeo told CBS News.

“We need to keep Russia on our side.

It’s not a question of whether we are going to have a nuclear-armed Russia, it’s a question about whether we have a stable Russia, which is what we seek.”

Russia’s foreign ministry said it had not received any warnings from the US about its cyberattacks, but that Moscow was aware of them and was “ready to react.”

Russian officials have blamed the hacking on “nefarious actors” that have ties to Iran, China and the United States.

The sanctions, which also included a ban against Americans who are members of Congress, were announced on Wednesday by Secretary of Homeland Security Elaine Duke and Secretary of the Treasury Steven Mnuchin.

The Trump administration has repeatedly said it wants to build closer ties with Russia and has called for closer ties to China.

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