How to fix your Google Plus profile for your friends

If you are a Google Plus user and your profile is in the news for having a high number of likes, you might have trouble getting the attention of your friends. 

To fix that, read on.

Here are some tips for making sure your Google+ profile has high numbers of likes.1.

Set a high goal for your followers.

Google+ allows you to set a high value for your posts. 

For example, if you set your goal at a level of 5 likes, your posts will be liked 5 times a day and you’ll get the 5% boost in Google+ likes that comes with that goal.


Set up a filter that will only show your likes to your friends who have your goal in mind.

If you want to be seen by your friends, you should set up a profile filter that only shows your posts to people you like. 

This filter will let you know if your friends like your posts, or if they have a higher goal in their mind. 


Set an event to notify your friends if you post a new post.

This can be an event on your profile, an event that you have scheduled for your Google+, or any other kind of notification that you want. 


Set your profile to show a notification on your Google+.

It will also show you a notification in your inbox that you can click to unsubscribe from the conversation.5.

Check your Google profile settings to make sure you have the correct settings.

If your profile does not have the proper settings for you, try the following:1.

Change your GooglePlus profile name.2.

Delete the Google+ post you want removed from your Google page.3.

Go to your Google Profile settings and edit your name.4.

Click the Edit button in the top right corner of your profile.5 (If you’re in Chrome, go to Tools > Account > Google and tap the Google icon.) 

You will be able to delete your post, but you will also be able re-add it to your profile in the future. 


Add a Google+ account for your friend to create a new profile.7.

If that doesn’t work, try deleting the profile on your friends’ Google+ accounts.8.

If the settings don’t allow you to add a profile, try updating your profile settings.9.

Check if your Google account has been updated.10.

You should have a profile with a new name and new avatar.

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