What is a spinal cord injury?

The spinal cord is a bundle of nerves, muscles, blood vessels and nerves that connects the brain and spinal cord.

The brain controls muscle contractions and movement.

The spinal column connects the head to the legs and back.

The nerve roots are the long, slender, fibrous tissue that connects nerves.

A spinal cord stroke can cause damage to these roots, leading to paralysis.

A person can be paralyzed from the neck down.

When the brain is damaged, the brain begins to die.

If the brain doesn’t die, it will slowly suffocate.

When a spinal injury occurs, the damage is typically caused by a fall, collision or other type of physical injury.

A fall is when a person hits the ground.

A collision is when an object hits a person or vehicle.

A vehicle accident is when one vehicle hits another vehicle.

The damage from a spinal stroke is permanent and irreversible.

A brain injury is a brain injury that affects the brain or spinal cord and is not caused by falls, collisions or other physical injury such as a car crash.

A motor vehicle accident involves an impact with a vehicle.

Some of these injuries can cause brain damage.

When an injury is not a spinal or motor injury, there is no damage to the brain.

The severity of the brain injury can vary depending on the type of injury and the person involved.

Brain injury from a fall is the most common type of spinal injury.

It is usually the first injury.

The other types of spinal injuries are: Traumatic brain injury, or TBI, occurs when a blow to the head causes a seizure and convulsions in a person who is not unconscious.

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