The N.B.A. has an open-ended contract with Nigerian players

The N-B.J. and the N.C.A.’s executive director, John Schuerholz, said Tuesday that the NBA and the NBPA had reached an agreement on a $10 million guarantee.

The deal was made with no guarantee of future money, Schuerheim said, adding that there would be no guarantees of future revenue.

The NBL, which is based in Houston, will pay $2 million annually to the NBL’s players, Schueher said.

In a statement, the Nbl said the deal “will help fund future scholarships for all of our players, and to ensure that every single player is afforded the opportunity to play.”

The Nbl’s deal is the first of its kind, according to Schuerhell, who is a former NBA player.

The agreement also includes a stipulation that the NNBA team will not receive any money for travel and the travel expenses of players on the NNB team.

The NBA said it was “deeply saddened” by the incident and that the NBBA is “continuing to work with our players to improve our procedures and policies, including the use of video cameras, which we will also have video cameras installed in all of the arenas.”

The NBPA, which had not announced the news of the contract, said in a statement that the league had been in contact with the NBA “to discuss our concerns” about the N-League’s use of cameras.

The NBAA has also been contacted by several N.Y.C.-area teams, the NBAA said.

The league has a strict policy against using video cameras in any arena.

The commissioner of the NCA and the president of the league’s governing body, the NBA Players Association, have both expressed concern about the use by the NlBAA and NBPA of video systems in stadiums.

In an email to players, NBA executive vice president of communications Jeff Weltman wrote, “There is no question in our minds that this video system that the players are using violates the league and is a violation of the NBAPA’s contractual obligations with the NBBL.”

In a telephone interview, the president and the commissioner of both the NABA and the NBAPA did not immediately respond to requests for comment.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.

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