How to be an ‘outsider’ in Russia

RUSSIAN news has seen its share of people turning their back on the country in the past few years.

One of those who has made a name for himself as an ‘outlet’ is a young Russian, Oleg, who became a national hero in the country after a series of bizarre social media posts.

Oleg’s fame in Russia came about after a viral photo posted to his Instagram account was shared by several people in the Russian capital.

The photo showed a man, in what appeared to be a ski mask, walking through a crowd with a bag of groceries in hand.

The picture went viral with more than 1.5 million likes and was featured on RT’s Russian Today show.

After his viral story spread across the internet, Olig’s Twitter account was followed by over 20 million followers.

“I think I am an anomaly.

I’m a guy who goes out of his way to be seen as an outsider, which is really something different than in other countries,” he told RT.

“It’s just a different world.”

Oleg started his social media life after joining a local radio station, which had previously been run by a Russian military officer.

“We were always talking about our job and how to improve it, so it seemed natural that we should join a station,” he said.

I just had no idea.” “

The idea of going on a radio station was just very strange to me.

I just had no idea.”

Olig is now one of the most well-known celebrities in Russia.

He was also the subject of a BBC documentary last year which revealed the difficulties faced by young Russians when it comes to finding work.

“When I was 17 I didn’t have a job, I just started making YouTube videos,” he explained.

“Since then I’ve been making videos about the struggles of people in Russia, and I think I have made some good friends.”

“Some of them know about my social media, but others don’t.” “

‘It’s all a blur’ Olig says he still thinks about what life would be like in a country that has a population of just over five million people. “

Some of them know about my social media, but others don’t.”

‘It’s all a blur’ Olig says he still thinks about what life would be like in a country that has a population of just over five million people.

“In Russia, you have to be really careful not to take things too seriously.

It’s all very blurred,” he says.

“If you want to make money you can go to the movies, but in Russia everything is made of gold.”

Olev, who was born in the Soviet Union, said he has found it difficult to find jobs and that it has been difficult for him to adjust to life in Russia after coming to the country.

“At first I thought I was just a weirdo from a strange country.

Then I realised it was a real problem,” he added.

“People think you have a certain personality, but then you don’t have anything to live for.”

For Oleg though, being an outsider is just part of life in the former Soviet Union.

“You are supposed to be ‘outsiders’, but I think we’re all just like that.

It makes you feel like a normal person,” he concluded.

Olig has made an impact on Russian culture, and many Russians are inspired to do the same.

“They think if you go outside and speak to people you are the real hero.

It gives you the courage to go outside,” he revealed.

“This is why I started a YouTube channel.

I wanted to share the best of Russia and the truth.

I think it’s good for Russia.”

For more news from the region, follow RT’s Europe on Facebook.

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