Live updates from Denver on CNV19

Colorado Springs, CO – 07/17/2017: Live updates on the CNV 19 coronavirus outbreak in Colorado.

Here are the latest news from the state, and you can read more on our CNV-19 news page.


CVS Pharmacy, in the area of Commerce City, closed today.

The store is owned by CVS Health.


The National Weather Service says a CNV17 case has been reported near the town of West Deer.

The patient is a 57-year-old man from the Denver area.


Health officials in California say they’ve confirmed three CNV18 cases in San Diego County, two of them in San Jose.

The patients are both in their 40s and were released to their parents on Friday.


The number of people with CNV cases in the United States has reached 1,835,000.


In the Los Angeles area, three people are in custody and three others have been released.


The Health Department says there are at least 10 CNV deaths reported in the state so far.


Officials in South Dakota say two people have tested positive for CNV, including one in the Dakotas capital, Sioux Falls.


In Washington, D.C., a man who died from COVID-19 on Thursday is being treated in a hospital with respiratory illness.

The man died Thursday evening in a parking garage at a Washington, DC, Metro train station, according to officials.

The train station has since reopened.


A man who was recently infected in Oregon has been transferred to a hospital in Seattle, according

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