What to watch for in a brawl in Mumbai: The brawl at the Taj Mahal hotel

The brawl that broke out in the Taj Hotel at the Indian end of Mumbai on Friday night has left many of the city’s residents reeling.

The Indian Express reports that a brawl broke out between men and women in a bar after midnight. 

The fight, which started in the street and spilled into the parking lot of the hotel, caused a stampede that left many victims injured. 

As the brawl continued, a group of men reportedly jumped onto the street, grabbed two young girls, and dragged them to the parking area.

The group then fled in a vehicle. 

One witness said that a group had gathered in the parking garage and that a man jumped into a car. 

“I saw a car full of men who ran away,” the witness told the Express. 

A man who witnessed the fight, identified as Gautam said that he saw a group jump into a vehicle and take the two girls away.

“I didn’t see them again for about five minutes,” he told the newspaper. 

Police officers have detained three men for questioning and are looking for a fourth. 

In a statement, the police said that the altercation took place after a group went to a nearby bar for a night of drinking.

“The group of the people were seen in the area of the Taj Restaurant on Sunday night for drinking and drinking, and then came back to the area on Monday morning to celebrate,” the statement read.

“After they returned, they started a fight between the two groups and the situation started to escalate.” 

According to eyewitnesses, the group was part of a group that has recently been celebrating their anniversary. 

Another witness told The Hindu that the group had gone to a local bar on Sunday to celebrate. 

At one point, the two women and a man got into an argument over money. 

After the argument, a woman threw a bottle at the group, but was not hurt, the witness said. 

Later, a man allegedly took off his shirt to show the other man a fight in the streets, and started dragging them to a hotel parking lot, the eyewitness said.

The woman, who was later arrested, was later taken into custody. 

While some local media reports said that three men were arrested, the Indian Express said that it had no information on the exact number of people arrested. 

Indian Express reports on Mumbai’s fight Bizarre brawl at Indian end ends in stampede of more than 50 people (Source: Bloomberg)

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