UK Labour leader says Brexit ‘would be bad for the economy’

LONDON — Jeremy Corbyn has said he will call a snap election on Wednesday and the country will not be spared the “very nasty” effects of Brexit.

“We will be called on to act decisively to deal with the consequences of Brexit,” Corbyn said in an interview with the Sunday Times.

He said he did not want to “get too far ahead of ourselves” in trying to form a government.

The Labour leader, who was in the spotlight last month after it emerged he had spent nearly £1 million on a private jet for a trip to Dubai, told the newspaper the decision to call the election was “absolutely necessary” to avoid “the very nasty” consequences of a Brexit.

Corbyn said Labour had no mandate for a referendum on Brexit, which he described as “a terrible mistake” and would not seek to overturn the vote.

“There are lots of different voices and different views.

The people who have voted for Brexit have their own views,” Corbyn told the paper.

“We need to have a referendum.

It’s up to the British people to decide.”

Corbyn is hoping to make it clear to voters that Labour is prepared to support a Brexit deal with other countries if the United Kingdom’s relationship with the European Union is maintained.

“I will not compromise on our commitment to the single market and the customs union,” he said.

“My aim is that if the UK votes to leave the EU, the Labour Party and I will have a mandate for that to happen.”

Corbyns Labour party is set to lose a majority in the Commons, where its vote is expected to be decisive in a parliamentary election that could decide the country’s future in 2019.

The party has faced a mounting backlash in recent weeks as the Conservatives continue to hold a razor-thin lead in the polls.

Corbyons party is already facing the prospect of losing more seats to the Conservatives than it has in the past, with more than one-third of seats in London, Scotland and Wales now expected to fall to the party.

Coronations Labour Party has been rocked by allegations that former leader Neil Kinnock and his deputy David Miliband had received improper expenses.

Corons party has been hit with an investigation into allegations that it had accepted improper expenses for events in 2015 and 2016.

Corcoran’s election campaign has been beset by questions over whether the party was properly vetted and what was done to vet candidates.

Corbys party’s poll rating has plummeted, falling from 28 percent in May to 23 percent in a poll published on Tuesday.

Corona, the former mayor of London, who quit his post after a string of public missteps, is also under pressure to quit over allegations that he lied to the police over the death of his son.

Coroner’s court has already heard allegations that the coroner in Coronations death was influenced by the Coronaries son, who had been admitted to hospital with pneumonia.

Coronel is one of the top three candidates for Coronation Chair, which is a position in which the head of the coroners office sits in charge of the coroner.

Coronial Coroners Office said the decision had been taken by Coronel and that the coronaries office would continue to carry out its functions and responsibilities as it normally would.

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