Pope Francis says he’ll go to jail if the US passes a law on immigration

By Alex Jardine Pope Francis said Wednesday he would go to prison if the United States passes a new immigration law that critics say would force him to flee the country.

Francis said that if he were to be imprisoned, it would be because he would have to leave the United Kingdom, which he has called his “home” since his election to the papacy in March.

The Vatican said it was working to make the pope aware of the new law.

US immigration law could ’cause great suffering’ if passed, Vatican says ‘We are in a unique situation.

It is difficult to say what would happen if we have a law like this.

We are in an extraordinary situation, because we are a Catholic country, we have many religions, and we have immigrants.

We cannot imagine what would be the consequences, but we are working to see what could happen.

We don’t know how long this could take, but it will have consequences.

‘I will do everything possible to prevent this law from being passed.

We will do anything we can, but if it is passed, I will do my best to prevent it,’ the pope said in an interview with Spanish newspaper El País published Wednesday.

Francis told El Pais that he will “be a real witness of the Church” against the law, which was passed last week by the Republican-led Congress.

‘If you want to leave, leave your home’ Francis said.

‘You want to be here, but you do not want to live in a country that is like this.’

He said that a “real witness of Christianity” would speak out against the legislation, adding that “I would do everything I can” to stop it from being enacted.

US President Donald Trump and his top immigration officials have previously said the proposed law would be a violation of the First Amendment, which prohibits the government from interfering with the free exercise of religion.

Francis was asked about a report that the US government is trying to obtain a court order that would force Francis to leave Britain.

‘Not possible’ Francis, who has called for “a real migration policy,” said that he was “not able to say that we are in such a situation” because he does not live in the country, according to the AP news agency.

Francis has visited the UK once before in May to address the opening of a museum dedicated to the life of St George.

Francis’ visit came a day after the UK government confirmed that he would not be allowed to enter the country under the proposed legislation.

The US State Department issued a statement saying that the “U.S. has no interest in sending Francis to the UK under any circumstances.”

The statement said that the Vatican had previously told the British government “that if we were to send him to the United [Kingdom], we would have the right to request that he be removed.”

The pope, who is the most powerful Roman Catholic leader in the world, is the first pope in modern times to visit the UK.

‘Immigration policy is very sensitive’ Pope Francis will visit the U.K. in July to deliver a major speech on immigration that will address “immigration and the church,” according to Vatican spokesman Federico Lombardi.

Francis will also deliver a speech at the end of July on migration issues.

Francis is expected to address issues of immigration and migration policy during his visit.

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