How to get rid of a fan: A guide to the nastiest chants and offensive gestures – live blog

The most offensive chants in football have a history of getting under the skin of fans, but a fan can get away with just about anything to a teammate, an opponent or the referee.

This article will cover the most offensive and embarrassing chants in the history of the game.

This is a list of the most vulgar and disgusting chants and gestures you’ll hear from a professional football team, including a list that includes offensive language and gestures that you’ll find in most clubs, restaurants, bars and stadiums.

It is not meant to be an exhaustive list, but rather a guide to help you identify the most unacceptable and offensive chants and moves.

What to expect in a match It’s difficult to predict what will happen in a football match.

You will hear chants, gestures and offensive words in almost every match, but this article will focus on the most disgusting and offensive ones.

Some of the chants that will be heard in a game are: The ‘Redskins fans suck’ chant, from the 2001 game against the Philadelphia Eagles The ‘F**k your country’ chant from the 1995 match against the Baltimore Ravens The ‘We’re going to get you, you’re going down’ chant of the 2000 game against Detroit Lions The ‘Dumb f**k you, dumb f**ker’ chant (in England) of the 1970 World Cup Final.

A few more are not included here because they are not common in the game, such as the ‘F*** the President’ chant or the ‘No way’ chant.

What is offensive: The most vile of the offensive chants are the ‘Reedskins fans are suckers’, ‘The Redskins suck’, ‘No we can’t win this game, f**king f**kers’, ‘Suck the f**ks, f***ers’ and ‘No I can’t f**kin win’.

The ‘Sucking f**ckers’ chant was popularised by the Chicago Bears during the 1999 season, but it was eventually banned by the Football Association of England.

The ‘No f**cking way’ is the most commonly heard chant in the match, although some fans are known to say it.

The chants that are less offensive are the ones that are accompanied by an obscenity, such in the case of ‘F*******ing F***ing Nazis’, the ‘Dummy Dummy’ and the ‘Go f**ked out’, ‘We hate you, we hate you f***ing f***s’.

The words ‘dummy dummy’, ‘dummie dummy’ (which means ‘a fake name’) and ‘f***ing Nazi’ have been used to refer to the ‘Nazis’ during the game for a long time.

Offensive gestures: The gesture of making a hand gesture, such to the face, is called the ‘kipchaka’, and it’s a very common gesture that you see used in England during games, and is also used in many other parts of the world.

This gesture is used to make the fans aware that the team is losing and that they are being treated poorly.

When the players get a free kick, the ‘Kipchas’ are raised to indicate the kick was worth a penalty.

‘No, we don’t care’ gesture, also known as the hand shake, is another one of the ‘offensive’ gestures that can be seen from the stands.

It’s used to communicate that the player has not taken part in any wrongdoing.

A number of players in the England national team, such Steve Bould and John Terry, have used this gesture during games.

‘We will be back, we will be right back’ gesture is another gesture used to indicate that the England players have come back from injury.

The gesture is usually accompanied by a handkerchief or the words ‘Kaput’ and is sometimes accompanied by the chant ‘Go away, Kaput’.

A gesture is called ‘The English way’ if a player touches the ball, holds it and turns around to make a gesture in the direction of the team.

The English way is an expression of respect to the opposition and to the fans, it also signifies that the English team are not going to take any risks.

‘You’re going back, you’ll be right behind’ gesture can be heard during the penalty shoot-out of the 1999 World Cup.

It was one of many expressions of respect that was made by England players during the match.

‘Fucking d******s’ is another offensive gesture used during games to indicate a lack of respect towards the opposition.

It can be made by a player when they receive a free ball and they will shake their head to indicate they are disappointed with the result.

A gesture of ‘You’ll be gone in a few minutes’ can also be heard when the team receives a free goal.

‘D***k you’ is a gesture made by players

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