How to get rid of your annoying mobile notification that appears after you take a shower

When you’re taking a shower, it can sometimes feel like you’re staring into the bathroom mirror.

You’re staring at your shower curtain, but it’s just a curtain.

You want to be able to see your reflection, but the curtain doesn’t actually look like it.

It’s just an empty space.

And so you get really annoyed when you take your shower.

“It’s not a shower curtain,” says Lauren Loeffler, who uses her company, Loefferes, to design shower curtains.

“That’s the beauty of shower curtains.”

Here’s how to remove the shower curtain that’s keeping you from seeing your reflection.


Get a mirror.

This is the most important part.

In a shower shower, the mirror makes it look like you’ve gone out of the bathroom.

But you don’t.

That’s because the shower curtains are made from an acrylic layer of fabric, called a shower curtainset, and are covered by the mirror.

In this case, you’re using a mirror that you didn’t ask for.

“You want the mirror to be really clear and not be reflective,” says Loefferres founder Lauren Loes.

“Because the mirror is reflective, it will be really bright.”

Loe-fans recommend using a regular mirror that has a reflector, because it will give you a clearer image.


Use a mirror made from a showering foam or shower curtain.

Loefers’ shower curtains also have a reflectent material.

But because they’re made from acrylic, the reflectance is not as bright as it could be.

Instead, you can use a mirror from a different manufacturer.

“The way that I’ve used this product is to have the mirror in the bathroom, then go into the shower and take a deep shower,” says Karen Koester, a Loeberts marketing and communications specialist.

“And the way that the mirror reflects light is by being in a mirror in front of the shower.”


Replace the curtain with something else.

You can also replace the curtain in the shower with a mirror you don’ need, such as a mirror with a clear glass or a mirror, or a different mirror.

“We use these shower curtains to replace a curtain that is going to be on your bathroom mirror,” says Koes-ter.

“If you have a mirror on the bathroom wall, it’ll be easier for you to replace the curtains.”

If the curtain is on the shower wall, use a towel to wipe it down.

If it’s in your shower, cover the towel with a damp cloth.

“So you can wipe off the curtain, and it will absorb the water and clean the mirror,” Loeferres says.

“When you’re showering, it’s really important to take the time to wash the bathroom mirrors.”


Use other types of shower curtain or shower curtains If you use a shower-only shower curtain and a shower door, use the same type of material, and wipe it with a towel before using.

“There are different types of curtain and shower curtains, and you should be able see through them,” Koesner says.

The Loeverres shower curtains can be made of a transparent acrylic, which can be used to make a curtain with a reflective material.

The transparent acrylic can also be used as a shower wall.

“A shower curtain can have a clear mirror, but if you want to use the shower as a curtain, you should use a transparent mirror, so it can reflect light,” Loes says.

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