How to create a perfect email template to create viral content

The next time you create a blog post, you should use a template that you can trust.

Here are some ideas to make your template more memorable and engaging.


Header images and links This is a must.

These are the only things you need to get the most out of your template.

It’s important to get all of your images to the right place.

For a blog, make sure to have a solid header image, a header with text that you want to appear, and a title that explains the blog post in more detail.

The header image and title are the foundation for your content.


Your headline and body text In the header of your post, have a headline that explains what the blogpost is about.

You don’t want your headline to be too long, so make sure that you don’t have too many words that aren’t relevant to your content and aren’t repeating content you’ve already written.

For example, a headline might say, “This is the first in a series of posts about Phoenix, the world’s largest and most popular city.”


Your landing page Make sure your landing page is the perfect place for your blog post.

It should include an introductory description, a link to your blog and an image of your landing screen.

Make sure to use images that you know will appeal to the blog audience.


Content and image placement Your content should always be centered on the main subject of your blog.

It shouldn’t be long or long-winded, and it should be informative.

Don’t make your posts about a topic that isn’t the subject of the blog.

If you want your blog to be viral, you need your content to be effective.


Link placement Make sure that all of the links in your blogpost are pointing to the same page.

This can make your blog posts easier to find, because it will lead to more people clicking on your link.


Titles, images and other content in your header, body and footer Your header, footer and body should be the only content in the post.

For more information on what makes a good headline, read our post about the top 10 most common headline types.


Your title and body The title of your headline should be about the post in general, and the body should contain the key information about the blog in a readable and clear manner.


Your image placement Make it clear where your images should be in your body and how you should position them in your post.


Header image placement If you have a link that points to your post title, make it clear that the link is going to your landing.


Your content placement If your content is long, make your post more readable by using footers, links to previous posts and other links to your other content.

Keep in mind that your headline and the rest of your content should be memorable and effective.

Here’s how to create your template: 1.

Headings and links The first thing you need is headers.

Header text is your main focus.

You want to make sure you have good spacing and don’t overwhelm your reader with too many links.

Headers should include your name, your title, the title of the article and the content of the post (if applicable).

For example: A post about Phoenix’s skyline could have an article title, title, footers and a link, which is a good place to start.


“My name is Joe B. from Phoenix, AZ, and I am a writer who specializes in urban design, design, architecture, architecture and urban development.

I love the idea of a city, and hope that my work contributes to the city’s success.

My work has been featured in magazines and online. “

My name and work are based on my own experiences in Phoenix and beyond.

My work has been featured in magazines and online.

My goal is to be an architect, urban designer, and urban planner who contributes to improving the lives of our people.”


“I am a Phoenix native and have been living in the Phoenix area since 2007.

I have been a resident for the past 20 years and have a master’s degree in architectural design from Arizona State University.

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