How to read the headlines in news today

I can’t remember what the headline was yesterday but I have a hunch it was about how the news has changed since last night.

The day’s headlines are often more complex than usual.

For example, in a recent column I highlighted the rise of the new word “federal”, and how it is a term which is not just used to describe government policy but also to describe some elements of the Australian way of life.

Another example is the change to the word “southern”.

The word “Southern” used in the context of the state’s southern border with the ACT has traditionally meant “smaller state”.

This has been challenged by some commentators on the right who see the new meaning of “southerly” as an attempt to rebrand the state.

What you need to know about the election campaign and politics in Australia Read more In contrast, a recent example was the use of the word ‘southern’ in relation to a small group of Indigenous people.

In an article for the Sydney Morning Herald, columnist Ben Smith pointed out that the word used to refer to a group of Aboriginal people has been used for hundreds of years.

As the word was first used in 1884, the term “southest” is what it means today.

Smith also pointed out the “souvenir” element of the phrase “Southern Southern” as a way to describe the state as a whole.

I suppose if the words used to use it today had been used in an 1884 context it would have been considered a rather racist term.

This is why I think it is worth looking at how the term ‘southerner’ was used by the press back in the 18th and 19th centuries.

For example, an article in the Sydney Star in December 1891 had a story about the arrival of a “Southern Northern”.

There is a story in the paper today about a young woman named Louise D’Orien, who has a small white head and a white nose.

She was a very intelligent, educated woman who grew up in the Adelaide suburb of Glenelg and had attended the University of Adelaide.

She is described as having been a “sourpuss” in her youth and the word is used in this context.

It is also interesting to note that in 1894 the Australian newspaper The Age, which has a long history of racism, used the word ”southerners’ to describe a group they did not like, saying they were “the scoundrels of the Southern Territory”.

Smith’s article highlights the history of the use and misuse of the term, and highlights how the use has changed over time.

Today, “souter” is used to represent “a person who is not a southerner”.

However, in the Victorian period, “femme souther” was also used as a derogatory term for Aboriginal people, and was then replaced by the more appropriate “fag souther”.

It seems that this is where the modern term “Southern Southerner” comes from.

But in the 1880s and 1890s, “Southern southerners” were used in a negative sense, to refer more to the white, middle-class Australian.

These days, “Southerners”, as we call them today, are often used to express a positive view of the country.

They are often seen as working-class Australians who have moved from a rural to urban lifestyle.

There have also been variations on the term in other parts of the world.

“Southern southeaster” is the preferred term for a New Zealander, but is not used in Australia.

And in South America, “Peruvians” is often used for an indigenous group, but “Peruvian” is also used for a South American population.

Interestingly, in Australia the word does not appear in the dictionary of the Dictionary of National Biography, but in the history books of Australian history.

So it seems that, as in the United States, the usage of “Southern Northerners” has changed from a derogatory, racist term to a positive term in the 20th century.

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